To become an organization continuously contributing to civilization development through education.


To be the leading Malaysian Centre of Educational Thought providing an open Platform for Knowledge Generation and Sharing


Centre for Professional Reference and Support in matters relevant to society and education. MAE is to nurture the enablement and empowerment of learners and leaders and foster the engagement of leaders at all levels to use the power of education towards the betterment of societies.

Core Positive Values and Virtues: Seeking Truth, Justice, Goodness, Freedom and Liberty, Equality, Beauty, maximising human self-esteem and dignity.

First Instance Commandments, World Views and Universal Declarations:Upholding Religious and Sacred Universal Commandments, Universal Declarations by the United Nations, UNESCO and other World Bodies.

Focus on such Educational Priorities as Human Potentialities, Intelligences, Giftedness, Talents, Competencies, Wisdom

Alignment of Focus with the Following: Character, Intellectual Character, Integrity, Rational Judgement, Objectivity,, Nurturing Positive Mind-sets, Sustainable Development of Character, Philosophy of Humanity, Scholar Teacher Ideals and lifelong, life wide and perpetual learning Cultures

Other Areas of Concerns: Raising Stature of the Professions, Humanising the Curriculum across the Life span, Respecting the Dignity of Labour and the Sacredness of Life. Protecting endangered species, endangered languages, and the ecology and environment, the education of children in war torn, poverty stricken and natural disaster areas.

Education Knowledge Management: Supports relevant and appropriate forms of research and practice regarding explorations and discovery of inner and other space and fields and domains as yet researchable, unknowable and intangible sustaining mature knowledge and evolving knowledge leading to the next level of Artificial Intelligence, Man-Machine civilization, of the Sapiens, the Homo Deus and the Human Being in the processes of Becoming.

Operating Principles:

Theoretical relevance, Conceptual clarity, the nature of rights, Inclusiveness, Celebration of Diversity, Openness and Transparency, Holistic perspective, comprehensiveness, to develop attitudes and abilities to agree to disagree, to understand continuity and necessary discontinuity, destructive innovation, administrative justice in small and big matters,


MAE nurtures informed and virtues-based advocacy on educational and civic matters of concerns based on the ideals towards the betterment of individuals, families, communities and   societies. Examples of advocacy include developing the Malay language as an intellectual language, the championing of building of science museums, the championing of the Peace Curriculum, Liberal arts education, and the promotion of ASEAN and World literature. Advocacy is through direct and indirect decision-making influence of position papers.fora, discourse, lobbying, mature research findings for policy-making and education practices.

Taking Stance:

Against Culture of Hate, Bigotry, Covert and overt Manipulation and Conspiracy, Extremism, Ethnic Cleansing, Cultural deletion, alienation of childhood, cruelty to life forms.

Guiding Principles:

There is so much to do and so little time and resources. The Guiding Principle is to do the best that we can and provide the most with the limited sources that we have.

Evolving Capacity Building: MAE is to strive to develop capacities to enable it to contribute to the ever-widening scope of education and social concerns.